Our program statement and handbook will answer many of the questions that you may have regarding your child attending Tender Loving Daycare. It encompasses such items as fee policies, illness policies, hours of operation, items to bring on the first day, and any other questions you may still have about our program. If there is a question that is not answered, we would suggest that you give us a call and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Our Philosophy

At Tender Loving Daycare we offer a special program that all our children and families anticipate arriving at each morning. A place that not only meets your child’s basic needs and physical requirements, but will help to foster their growth into wonderful, caring little people.

Our goal is to work in partnership with you as a parent to establish positive self-esteem, values and confidence in your little one. We hope to become a natural extension to your family as both a resource in the field of Early Child-hood Education and as a support through the exciting times ahead.

Our Goals and Objectives

Provide an educational and nurturing, supportive environment which stimulates and enhances emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth in a child’s development.

Provide well-balanced nutritional snacks and meals each day.

Ensure a child’s basic needs and physical requirements are continually met on a daily basis.

Provide and environment that will establish the child on the.